What can
we offer?


We are all about offering choice, certainly not routine and we are always searching for new ways to help and improve life skills.
At the moment, depending on each individuals needs, we consider food hygiene, how to prepare healthy meals, exercising, budgeting, safety awareness and home security as just part of the mix.


However, believe me, it's not all about teaching and learning. Our thoroughly trained team listen to our customers to find out their interests. From just listening and learning, we run a huge amount of activities and constantly encourage people to not only develop new hobbies, but to tell us about them, so that we can help to enthuse others and hopefully get them to participate.


For instance, we currently have a number of arts and crafts projects, including painting, DIY projects, stitching fabrics, making photo frames and jewellery making and lots more. But most importantly it’s about making all the activities fun and interesting.


Of course, not all of our activities take place in the building, we are also involved in a number of community projects as well as a wide variety of sports.

In recent times we've had trips to National Trust Parks, Manchester music festivals, charity events, sponsored walks, long walks, football and swimming and we have much more planned.

OPEN 5 DAYS A WEEK, Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

We must of course, charge for our services, however, you'll hopefully find that our charges are manageable, particularly for the freedom it will give you.

We currently ask for £48 for a full day at our centre, which includes pick up as well as drop off and remember, we're open 5 days a week.